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Need To Solve Sudoku?

How to solve sudoku puzzles- tips, help and answers.

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How To Solve Sudoku Puzzles

Start by putting in all the obvious numbers first. When you first Look at your puzzle start off by scanning the rows to see if the same number, (for example 3)  is already in two of the three rows. If it is than it's easy to determine where you should put the third number.

Never guess! learning how to solve sudoku puzzles takes patience, but it's not as hard as it looks. Sudoku takes logic its like playing casino type games Only enter a number into the sudoku grid if your positive it goes there, if your not sure or in doubt use a pencil and lightly enter the possibilities into the cell. 

Another approach you can use is to divide the puzzle into smaller sections. tackling all 9 x 9 grids at the same time can be intimidating. The solution is to cut the puzzle into smaller slices and than focus on each piece one by one. Try to put your attention on each of the smaller 3 x 3 sudoku grids and then systematically work your way out.
standard Sudoku grid
Typical 9x9 Sudoku grid
An example of a killer sudoku puzzle
Killer Sudoku Puzzle


Concentrate on trying to solve the mini-grids first, before you start scanning down the rows and columns!

When you first start solving sudoku puzzles try and look at it as a whole before you begin. Start off by counting how many times each number appears in each of the 3 x 3 matrix's. Doing that simple step will help you decide where to start off in the puzzle.

To be successful you need to develop a strategy similar to the top online pokies and chess players. The most accomplished sudoku players became that way because they realized that certain techniques were effective in helping them solve sudoku than took the time to learn them. 

That's what you need to do, study and learn the different strategies the top players use to solve the game than simply apply them to your own. Sudoku is a game of logic and it is only logical to approach it prepared with a proper knowledge of all the available solving techniques.

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